Sunday, November 29, 2009

Betty Boop's First Cartoon

Although she made her first debut in Dizzy Dishes in 1930, Stopping the  Show is the first to be actually called a Betty Boop cartoon. This Fleschers Studio animated short, directed by Dave Fleischer, was originally released on August 12th, 1932

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Betty Boop was created by Grim Natwick
King Features Syndicate / Fleischer Studio
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  1. that wasnt the first cartoon stated as the first betty boop cartoon

    somebody wrote that on wikipedia Mask-a-raid & Any rags? was the first cartoons where betty boop was fully featured as a human

    but the diffrences were all these were by Talkatoons

    Dizzy Dishes Bimbo and Betty Boop 19300809August 9, 1930
    Barnacle Bill Bimbo and Betty Boop 19300831August 31, 1930
    Swing You Sinners! Bimbo 19300924September 24, 1930
    The Grand Uproar Bimbo 19301003October 3, 1930
    Sky Scraping Bimbo 19301101November 1, 1930
    Up To Mars Bimbo 19301120November 20, 1930
    Accordion Joe Bimbo and Betty Boop 19301212December 12, 1930
    Mysterious Mose Bimbo and Betty Boop 19301226December 26, 1930

    [edit] 1931
    Film Characters Original release date
    The Ace of Spades Bimbo January 16, 1931
    Tree Saps Bimbo February 3
    Teacher's Pests Bimbo and Betty Boop February 7
    The Cow's Husband Bimbo March 13
    The Bum Bandit Bimbo and Betty Boop April 3
    The Male Man Bimbo April 24
    Twenty Legs Under the Sea Bimbo May 5
    Silly Scandals Bimbo and Betty Boop May 23
    The Herring Murder Case Bimbo and Koko the Clown June 26
    Bimbo's Initiation Bimbo and Betty Boop July 24
    Bimbo's Express Bimbo and Betty Boop August 22
    Minding the Baby Bimbo and Betty Boop September 26
    In the Shade of the Old Apple Sauce Bimbo October 16
    Mask-A-Raid Bimbo and Betty Boop November 7
    Jack and the Beanstalk Bimbo and Betty Boop November 21
    Dizzy Red Riding Hood Bimbo and Betty Boop December 12

    Betty Boop and Bimbo in Minnie the Moocher (1932).[edit] 1932
    Film Characters Original release date
    Any Rags? Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko January 2, 1932
    Boop-Oop-a-Doop Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko January 16
    The Robot Bimbo February 5
    Minnie the Moocher Betty Boop and Bimbo February 26
    Swim or Sink (S.O.S.) Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko March 11
    Crazy Town Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko March 25
    The Dancing Fool Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko April 8
    Chess-Nuts Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko April 13
    A Hunting We Will Go Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko April 29
    Hide and Seek Bimbo May 26
    Admission Free Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko June 10
    The Betty Boop Limited Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko July 1

    From stopping the show she was then with paramount so mabey that is why they state that as the first cartoon? but there was more before that

  2. I made a music video for Them Crooked Vultures using a Betty Boop cartoon.

  3. Thanks Sacha! I really enjoyed that.